Greetings to Families

I bring you greetings from Immanuel Christian Child Development Center. We are a ministry of Immanuel Christian Child Development Center that is committed to transforming hearts to love God and love people. Welcome to the Immanuel CDC family. We are excited and look forward to partnering with you and your family in supporting your child's development. Once your child is enrolled in Immanuel CDC, your family becomes part of our family and therefore we serve families, not children alone. Because families are an integral part in the lives of children, your input and needs are important aspects of our program. Parent interaction and participation are a strong component of our program to insure enduring relationships between parent and child.  It is our desire that by you joining our family, there is a sense that the Immanuel CDC is a special place first of all because God is present where children are present. Second, because passion , joy, dialogue, wonder, faith, hope and possibilities abound in this place. We strive for excellence in every area as a Christian environment for all to flourish and grow.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of learning for God’s children by showing each child the love that God has for them and teaching them how God wants us to love one another. We believe each child is an irreversible creation and blessing from God and we strive to love and nurture each child through His eyes. Our goal is to invite and minister to every child irrespective of their race, color, caste and creed that enters our doors, developing a secure feeling about his or her environment, others and themselves. We strive to provide an exemplary learning environment for infants, toddlers, preschool and elementary school children; excellence in Early Childhood Care and Education through teacher training opportunities.

Our center is licensed by the California Department of Social Services to serve children from Infancy through Elementary school age. Our philosophy is soundly based in Biblical principles of teaching and learning in the earliest years of a child’s life. Our classroom environment fosters all aspects of development through comprehensive and multi-disciplinary activities that enhance a child's opportunities for learning.

Immanuel Child Development Center believes that each child is unique and is blessed with God given talents and skills, learns best through adult and peer guidance, interaction and exploration of a variety of materials and environments. We serve as an exemplary learning environment that models God’s character in every learning opportunity we provide to children in our care. We are dedicated to providing model developmental care for each child in a stimulating, secure and caring learning environment. We seek to create the richness and diversity of experience that will take the children along new paths, deepen their understanding and their skills, and give added complexity to the talents and personal qualities they bring to us.

In His Service,
Dr. Hadassah Ratna Rajaratnam, Ms.PhD , Director
Dr. Hadassah Ratna Rajaratnam