Family Participation and Center Communication

We believe that families and childcare centers work in partnership to develop the best in children. The center supports families in their efforts to provide nurturing environment for children, promote the success of children as individuals, and to build parenting skills. We consider ourselves as partners with families in extending support for children from home to the center.
Families are always welcome to our center. The center welcomes you to visit your child’s classroom or the center as a whole. We encourage families to spend some time in their child’s classroom, share any activity or their pet animal or bird, and also dine with the children. If you are good at playing instruments and love to sing, we will be delighted to have you share your talents with our children. This will surely make the child understand the partnership we share with families. Whenever you wish to visit the child’s classroom or wish to do some activity with your child let your child’s teacher know about it and sign up for what you want to do.
It is our intent and purpose to communicate with families in a variety of ways on a variety of levels. Through family advisory network meetings, formal and informal conferences, drop off and pick up times, children’s journals, family news letters, accident reports, health observation forms developmental assessment reports, portfolio’s are all many ways through which we communicate with you.

News Letter

Our News Letter is titled “ From our Center to your Home”. We send out newsletter every month up dating you with current center news and also parent education material on education, health and nutrition of young children


Developmental assessments are conducted thrice a year. For every 6 months we schedule parent, teacher conferences. The teachers prepare the 6-month progress report on each child’s growth and development and personally deliver them to the parents. If the parent and the teacher feel it necessary to meet, conference time will be set up at the convenience of the parent and teacher. Families can express their concerns and give suggestions that will help the staff to help with their child.

Optional services

Referral services like counseling for the child and families, screening for speech and hearing will be provided on parental interest and consent.

Center events

  • Annual thanksgivings lunch on the Thursday, week before thanksgiving week where we invite each child’s family members to join us for a bigger family get together.
  • Christmas and Birthday celebrations
  • Open house and annual parent meeting which usually is done before the beginning of each academic year in August. Parents are given end of the year portfolio of their child
  • Picture day – Spring time of the year
We sincerely try to promote, support and encourage our families to take the opportunity to attend these events where we brainstorm a lot of issues that concern children and their families and try to get the best support to our families.