Nurturing and responsiveness are key elements of our infant program. At Immanuel we believe in a relationship based infant program where we recognize that constructive, caring relationships are important for infant’s healthy experiences as he /she grows and develops. To thrive infants need loving adults who protect, nurture and help them learn. The staff that work in our infant program are thoroughly screened and those that exhibit calmness, patience and have the ability to interact, connect with an enduring bond with young infants are placed in infant classrooms to care and nurture these young ones.

Our environment is set up clean, safe, properly lighted and ventilated with cozy spaces and places and the opportunities provided within these environments encourage infants to choose, play, relate to others, be nurtured and learn. Every experience offers an opportunity for infants to develop their capacities in the emotional, social, intellectual, language and physical and motor domains.

Our Program for Infants


Ages for enrollment:
2 months – 2 years

Infants: Child, Teacher Ratio

  • Infants 2 - 8 months: 1:3
  • Infants 8 – 2 years: 1:4

The sleeping area is provided separately from the activity area.

See Overview page for tuition.





Teachers/ caregivers provide the families with needs and service plans. The plan is completed with the infant and toddler teachers and updated for at least every 3 months.

The indoor activity space is equipped with a variety of age appropriate toys and learning material.


Diapering Policy

Parents need to bring DAILY an adequate supply of diapers. Please keep in mind we check the children every hour so plan on bringing 8-10 diapers per day. Please do not bring a full package of diapers. We do not have the space to store them. If you forget or run out of diapers, there is a $0.50 per diaper charge. We do not borrow diapers from other children.

In addition to using disposable gloves while changing, the staff at ICCDC is required to sanitize the changing surface with bleach after every diaper change

We keep a diaper-changing chart that records every diapering activity for all the infants. If you have any questions please consult you child's teacher/ caregiver.

Full time parents need to bring two boxes of diaper wipes by the 5th of every month. (Children who come three days or less need to bring one box.) A $5.00 charge will be added to your account if the wipes are not received on the 6th working day of every month

At Immanuel CDC only commercially made disposable diapers are allowed. Cloth diapers are not allowed in our program. Staff checks children for signs that diapers or pull-ups are wet or contain feces at least every two hours when children are awake and when children awaken.

Diapers are changed when wet or soiled - Changing should be initiated within 5 minutes of discovery that they are wet or soiled, unless circumstances clearly make it difficult to do so.

Staff changes children’s diapers or soiled underwear in the designated changing areas and not elsewhere in the facility. Each changing area is separated by a partial wall or is located at least three feet from other areas that children use and is used exclusively for one designated group of children. At all times, caregivers have a hand on the child when the child is being changed on an elevated surface. Surfaces used for changing and on which changing materials are placed are not used for other purposes, including temporary placement of other objects, and especially not for any object involved with food or feeding.

Diaper pails/container - Containers that hold soiled diapers and diapering materials have a lid that opens and closes tightly by using a hands-free device (e.g., a step can). Containers are kept closed and are not accessible to children. After changing a soiled diaper, staff place the diaper in the glove in one hand and remove the glove backwards thus making the glove as a tight bag for the soiled diaper and then place it in the hands free step can.


If you are interested in enrolling in our infant program then click here to download an application on the Programs Overview page.
Please return this form with registration fee to the ICCDC, 1201 N. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest, CA 93555.